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Roll Up Creamery & Cafe

Roll Up Creamery & Cafe

Instagram-ready? Absolutely.

New York Times reported on this phenomenon spreading throughout the foodie clusters. What matters first is how it looks. Then second, the bonus is well how great it tastes.

Their soft opening was just last week where those instagrammers can watch purveyors pour a mixture on a very cold surface, then scrape back and forth until it forms flavored rolls.

Then, of course, to add more color to all of this ice cream business, soft serve! Although not captured in the instagram, but captured above, the soft serve was a swirl of select flavors—fior di latte and ube. An interesting choice for an ice cream shop trying to penetrate an unknown market in the US. But you see, whats important here? Ube is the color purple and thus it will always look good in the photos. And those authentic foodies always wants a natural color. Ube is different

Roll Up Creamery & Cafe

The trendy ice cream shop with bright colored soft serve and thai ice cream rolls (in a cup, taco, or donut)
Address: 3092 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Hours: Open everyday · 1 PM – 10 PM

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