Ice cream around the world (and at home)



Hi! My name is Jennifer, and I love ice cream.

Ice cream is my answer to everything. Rewards, consolations, and socializing are always good reasons to have a scoop of ice cream. From experimenting with ice cream flavors for regular ice cream socials to bringing visitors to ice cream shops across my hometown of San Francisco, I am on a journey to chronicle ice cream destinations across the world for an ice cream travel guide.

For many years, I designed products to delight and pleasantly surprise users of mobile phones and tablets. Like design, ice cream is a happiness business. Yet the question remained: Why is this frozen confection so popular with all ages? Why do people work in this business? And most importantly, does ice cream delight across all countries and cultures?

I wrote Ice Cream Travel Guide as a result of that journey. But now, this blog will continue that journey, documenting ice cream recipes and encountering new ice cream spots. And who knows what else?

Happiness is ice cream, but you can’t buy happiness. But you can buy ice cream.

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