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Square Bar Cafe San Jose

Square Bar Cafe San Jose

Square Bar Cafe, obviously! When heading to the South Bay, that is the hot spot! When it’s nearly 100 degrees, it’s time to seek ice cream. Obviously for this ice cream lover. This one popped up across foodies’ conscious minds in the last few months so I had to go.

The first Northern California branch of the popular Square Bar Cafe opened in San Jose in Little Saigon back in mid-May. Its boba in lightbulb shapped glass bottles showed up everywhere. But when we arrived, I immediately headed for the ice cream. What was fascinating was that the shop used cups branded Birthdae Cake and its logo, the name of another immensely popular ice cream shop in Orange County. That mystery remains to be solved.

Square Bar Cafe (in San Jose)

Bright, playful locale for organic coffee, tea, ice cream & boba drinks, plus a few basic snacks.
Address: 1154 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122
Hours: Open everyday · 11 AM – 11 PM
Phone: (669) 292-5228

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