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Thompson Grape Sorbet

Thompson Grape Sorbet

There are typically two flavors I avoid when I encounter candy. Orange and grape. Maybe because those two are the most artificial tasting. Or that their colors…aren’t as bright as yellow and blue.

When we walked through my favorite farmers market, I couldn’t help but notice the stalls carrying grapes. Green grapes, red grapes, purple grapes. Concord grapes (the most vividest), champagne grapes, Thompson grapes. At one stall, we stopped and sampled the four grapes that they sold. With eyes closed, we chose the sweetest grape. The seller watched us carefully as we jumped from box to box. It was near closing time…almost 2 pm. And we finally we made our decision.

Buying grapes at the farmers market

And that’s how I chose the Thompson Grape. One dollar per pound (Chris was messing with the signs)! Unlike the Concord Grapes which would have a bright hue in the sorbet, the Thompson grape gave a flavor reminiscent of wine. Delicate and flowery. Wine, but not wine.

I had been looking for something to pair with the grapes, but found no suitable partner. If I obtained wine, less than a tablespoon would be used…and the rest…it would go to waste! So I let the grapes stand on its on in this sorbet.

Note that this recipe can be used for all kinds of grapes. Each type of grape will have its own flavor.

Grapes ready to blend


Adapted from Epicurious


2 pounds of chilled Thompson grapes
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice or juice of a half lemon


In a blender, puree all ingredients until sugar is thoroughly mixed and dissolved. Strain into a bowl, discarding the grape solids (the grape skins). Press on the solids to squeeze out all juice. I took a teaspoon of the solids and added it to the mixture to give the sorbet some texture.

Chill at least three hours or overnight in a refrigerator. Churn in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Written in November 2012

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