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Kiwi Lime Sorbet

Kiwi Lime Sorbet

I found kiwis on sale. Five for $1! In the middle of winter. In January. A summer fruit…on sale? Why? And really the final question…why not?

At Evergreen Super Market (one of my favorite markets in my ‘hood), I purchased two bags of those brown furry things, quite certain of the sweet juicy green innards. (And you know how much I love zombies!) Fortunately, the bags were most likely on sales because the kiwis were soft and squishy. So not sour at all! Ripe, perfect for a kiwi sorbet.

Fresh kiwifruit

Knowing that my upcoming ice cream travel guide kickstarter launch party would contain vegans, lactose intolerants (which I am pretty sure that I am one), milk allergic…and other variants…I knew that I needed to make something dairy-free yet tasty.

I love kiwis and would prefer that it be paired with strawberries. For the launch party though, I already had strawberry candied jalapeño and thought that two similar flavors were too much.

On one of those what you never had it before moments, a friend just had never seen kiwis as a whole fruit. Brown fuzz that hurts like a peach…yup! And how annoying it is to peel…yup! Those green pretty slices take effort!

And…a secret to my fellow ice cream lovers…ssssshhhh….I love sorbets the most of all of any frozen treat. There is nothing else that emphasizes the flavor of a fruit as well as a sorbet, because it is just fruit. Like the raspberry lemon sorbet, I knew that it could only be good. Inspired by that recipe, I took another green fruit (lime) and thus made the kiwi lime sorbet.

And at the party? It was the first one to run out.

Mixed in the wrong order of ingredients in blender, but it still works!



10 small to medium ripe kiwis
2 washed unwaxed small to medium limes (mine were not very juicy, but if yours are, use one lime instead)
2/3 cup powdered sugar (you can use granulated, but grind it for about 10 seconds using a blender or food processor before adding)


Cut up one lime into small 1/2 inch pieces including the peel. Remove all seeds. Add pieces to a blender or food processor. Add only the juice of the second lime (not the peel) and sugar. Puree until thoroughly combined.

Scoop using a spoon the kiwis into the blender. If the kiwis are ripe, then it should be easily to scoop. If they are less ripe, you might consider adding additional sugar to offset the sour taste. Try these other methods for removing the skin. Whatever the case, we’re not looking for beautiful slices of kiwi so it’s not important to have the best appearance.

Puree the mixture again. Add more sugar to taste.

It is possible to churn the mixture immediately (the mixture will be at room temperature if the ingredients are at room temperature), but for better results, chill for a few hours or overnight in the refrigerator. Churn in an ice cream maker based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Written in February 2013

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